Are You Giving Money Away?

Are You Giving Money Away? - Seven Oaks Family and Cosmetic Dentist

Life is often too hectic to keep track of everything; but did you know that many workers in Tampa Bay give away thousands of dollars that they forgot they had? Sure, most of us watch our money closely when we know where the money is; but many forgot about money sitting in a flexible spending account (FSA) only to lose the benefit due to expiration. Unlike cash "socked" away in your drawer, flex dollars and insurance benefits are "use it or lose it" - they disappear if not used prior to the defined period of time.

Your teeth - unlike flexible spending accounts - are a lifetime asset. As the end of the year creeps in and the holidays begin to fill our schedules, speak to your benefits administrator to do a check-up on your flex dollars and insurance benefits. Not everyone has a calendar year benefits schedule, but if you do (or especially if you are not sure) make a point of doing a check-up.

Most restorative and preventative dental procedures can be covered by funds in your flexible spending account. Our team at Seven Oaks Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is happy to answer any questions you have about dental care, finances, and insurance.  

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